We have a regular Sensorimotor Control Group Talk where each member of the group and invited people can give a talk. The talk is usually about a presentation of a recent paper, a literature review relevant to a research, a grant proposal, a research update, a challenging lab result for discussion, a practice run through of a talk/poster presentation to be given elsewhere, hosting a visiting speaker, etc...

Sensorimotor Control Group Talk

23/09/2015 Yujiang Wang - Mechanisms underlying different patterns of focal seizure onset
01/09/2015 Dr Puneet Tailor - Axial conduction time (AxCT): a novel application of magnetic stimulation in the investigation of cervical myelo-radiculopathy
05/08/2015 Andrew Mason - Neural interfaces
22/07/2015 Brian Ho - Vagus Nerve Stimulation and Age: Effects on Cholinergic Neural Networks?
Ghazal Ghazaei - Artificial Vision for Artificial Hands (AVAH)
01/07/2015 Kabita Adhikari - Modelling of Physiological Hand Tremor using Quaternion weighted Fourier linear combiner (QwFLC)
24/06/2015 Prof Gabriel Curio - Non-invasive recordings of human population spikes
17/06/2015 Bonne Habekost - Structural changes induced by long-term associative peripheral nerve stimulation.
06/05/2015 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - Crossed reflexes in hand muscles
25/03/2015 Prof Stuart Baker - Paper presentation: Bunday et al 2014, "Subcortical control of precision grip after human spinal cord injury.", J Neurosci 34(21) (2014).
18/03/2015 Dr Wei Xu - Coincidence detection model of timing
15/02/2015 Dr Michael Nitsche - Physiology and functional effects of tDCS and related techniques
28/01/2015 Dr Gavin Clowry - Is SPP1 a molecular marker for manual dexterity?
08/12/2014 Damar Susilaradeya - In search of an explanation for movement intermittency: everything living has a rhythm
02/12/2014 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - Crossed responses in hand muscles
27/10/2014 Agamemnon Krasoulis - Reconstruction of finger joint angles from sEMG and accelerometry
15/10/2014 Dr Karen Bunday - Neuroplasticity after spinal cord injury
22/10/2014 Dr Rob Forsyth and Dr Anna Basu - Clinical Talk: Anarchic Hand Syndrome
15/10/2014 Dr Karen Bunday - Neuroplasticity after spinal cord injury
16/09/2014 Dr Yujiang Wang - Dynamic mechanisms of neocortical focal seizure onset
06/08/2014 Damar Susilaradeya - Investigating the possibility of a Brain-Computer Interface using slow cortical oscillations
30/07/2014 Dr Thomas Hall - Paper presentation: Yang et al 2014, "Sleep promotes branch-specific formation of dendritic spines after learning", Science 344, 1173 (2014).
23/07/2014 Dr Claire Witham - Developing an automated system to recognise and track macaques
09/07/2014 Pradeep Dheerendra - Spatial distribution of Spike-related Slow Potentials in Motor Cortex
25/06/2014 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - Can we use microstimulation to assess cortical microcircuits?
11/05/2014 Riashad Foysal - Effects of a paired stimulation paradigm on biceps long latency reflexes investigated using a wearable electronic device
02/04/2014 Adrian Butterworth - Bilateral Interactions in Hand Muscles humans
26/03/2014 Felix Ledger-Beadell - Investigating the effects of sensory feedback delays to adaptation in myoelectric interface tasks
19/03/2014 Adam Stubb - Investigation of intermittent limb sub-movements in the tracking of visual targets in humans
12/03/2014 Richard Tomsett - What can modelling tell us about the neural basis of local field potentials?
05/03/2014 Dr Javier Escudero - Analysis of electromagnetic brain activity in ageing and disease
26/02/2014 Felipe de Carvalho - Sleeping to learn
19/02/2014 Lauren Dean - Reticulospinal projections in the baboon
12/02/2014 Dr Boubker Zaaimi - FES alone or concomitant with ipsilateral ICMS, effect on recovery from unilateral pyramidal tract lesion in rats
29/01/2014 Prof Stuart Baker & Dr Mark Cunningham - IoN and INK, India Collaboration
08/01/2014 Dr Claire Witham - CFM and the opportunities for research there, including her interests
04/12/2013 Dr Stephan Jaiser - Beta-band intermuscular coherence as a biomarker of upper motor neuron dysfunction in motor neuron disease
27/11/2013 Dr Boubker Zaaimi - Spatial tuning of cuneate nucleus discharge in response to hand perturbation
13/11/2013 Dr Bess Price - Comparative studies of tool use, social learning, and cumulative culture: Is it time to move beyond mechanisms?
06/11/2013 Agamemnon Krasoulis - Muscle activity decoding from LFP recordings in primates
30/10/2013 Dr Andy Jackson - The Windmills of Your Mind Part 2 (in memoriam Noel Harrison 1934-2013)
28/08/2013 Andre Zylstra - Investigating beta wave activity in monkeys during BMI control experiments
Megan Tailford & Rachel Ingram - The effect of emotional stimuli on excitability of facial muscles
21/08/2013 Thomas Akitt - An acute experiment on a macaque monkey looking at potential Hebian plasticity in the monkey spinal cord
17/07/2013 Abigail Sharpe - The efficacy and selectivity of epidural, subdural and intraspinal stimulation of the cervical spinal cord
03/07/2013 Dr Keith Mathieson - An Optoelectronic Retinal Prosthesis
26/06/2013 Georgia Collins - Report on her MRes project results ‘Reticulospinal inputs to propriospinal interneurons in humans'
12/06/2013 Prof Stuart Baker - Ultrasonic brain stimulation, referencing published work as well as my experiences during my visit to the Tyler lab in Roanoke
05/06/2013 Prof David Maxwell - The long and the short of premotor interneurons
22/05/2013 Harbaljit Sohal - The Future of Neurotechnology
01/05/2013 Prof Robin Sengupta and Dr Hrishikesh Kumar - Institute of Neuroscience developing a partnership with the Institute of Neuroscience Kolkata
24/04/2013 Dr Anna Basu - Perinatal stroke
17/04/2013 Laurence Hunt - Neural mechanisms of decision making and learning in the medial frontal cortex
03/04/2013 Ken Brown and Dr Andy Jackson - 'Musical Muscles' demonstration and preparation for the 'Wonder Steet Fair’ in conjunction with BNA 2013 Conference
27/02/2013 Ashley Simpson - Evoked high frequency oscillations in health and disease
20/02/2013 Giuseppe Lanza - TMS in Vascular Cognitive Impairment: neurophysiological and clinical implications
13/02/2013 Dr Roger Whittaker - Stimulated EMG
Dr Ian Schofield - Visualising single motor units using muscle MRI
06/02/2013 Dr Mark Baker and Prof Stuart Baker - Outcome of the Kolkata trip
23/01/2013 Dr Jacinta O'Shea - Afferent movement-related brain activity challenges non-invasive bio-mimetic brain-machine interfaces
09/01/2013 Dr Ian Duguid - Behavioural state differentially regulates input sensitivity in motor cortex pyramidal neurons
19/12/2012 Dr Ferran Galan - Afferent movement-related brain activity challenges non-invasive bio-mimetic brain-machine interfaces
05/12/2012 Prof. Hansjörg Scherberger - Coding and decoding of grasping movements in primate parietal and premotor cortex
28/11/2012 Leo Tomasevic - TMS/EEG, a very challenging technique
31/10/2012 Dr Bartosz Telenczuk - Spike-pattern correlationsin primary somatosensorycortex
24/10/2012 Dr Simon Baumann - The Macaque as a model for auditory-motor integration
10/10/2012 SfN 2012 presentations
03/10/2012 Dr Claire Witham - Monkey Face Detection: Can we use automated video analysis to monitor welfare?
26/09/2012 Bonne Habekost - D-wave modulation by epidural paired pulse stimulation
19/09/2012 Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama - Activity dependent plasticity in spinal locomotor networks after injury and regeneration
12/09/2012 Prof Stuart Baker - Propriospinal interneurons: are we convinced yet?
05/09/2012 Dr Ngalla Jillani - Tracing and characterization of Cortico-Reticular and Reticulo-Spinal tracts
29/08/2012 Harry Keevil - My summer in the Baker Lab
22/08/2012 Dr Ming Lai - Electro-corticography (ECoG) in humans
15/08/2012 Harbaljit Sohal - "Fifty Shades of Grey Electrodes".. An enthralling encounter involving electrode fabrication, the highs and lows.
08/08/2012 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - The spinal cord and bilateral movements
01/08/2012 Dr Andy Jackson - Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning on an ever spinning reel, as the images unwind like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind
18/07/2012 Prof Rumyana Kristeva - Improved sensorimotor performance by stochastic resonance. Can stochastic resonance reduce tremor?
11/07/2012 Wei Xu - Further ruminations on the role of the lateral reticular nucleus
20/06/2012 Dr Tobias Pistohl - Artificial Proprioception for Myoelectric-Controlled Interface
30/05/2012 Dr Samit Chakrabarty - Spinal Interneurones: Modulators of Motor Control
16/05/2012 Dr Anna Basu - Childhood Hemiplegia
09/05/2012 Dr Thomas Hall & Dr Andy Jackson - Spike-related slow potentials and their application to brain-machine interface
02/05/2012 Timothy Lee - The modular learning of myoelectric controlled interfaces
04/04/2012 Dr Stuart Goodall - Central and peripheral determinants of exercise tolerance in acute hypoxia
28/03/2012 Dr Stephan Jaiser - The effects of gyral geometry on the size of magnetic motor cortical evoked potentials
21/03/2012 Colin Brewster & Henry Magill - Operation of a myoelectric controlled interface as a potential rehabilitation therapy for facial nerve palsy - a pilot study
14/03/2012 Dr Tobias Pistohl - How robotic hands are the same as coloured dots: The Tuscan Experience
07/03/2012 Jonas Zimmermann - Frog legs tell us little about monkey hands: effects of dual channel intraspinal microstimulation
22/02/2012 Claire Schofield - tDCS modulates adaptation strategies in a myoelectric-controlled interface task
15/02/2012 Dr Christopher Petkov - Auditory sequence learning and prefrontal cortex
08/02/2012 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - SMA and bimanual movements - what's happening?
25/01/2012 Dr Ferran Galan & Dr Andy Jackson - Stimulating ideas (for the spinal cord)
18/01/2012 Lauren Dean - Reticular formation stimulation in monkey and human
04/01/2012 Prof Stuart Baker - Reticular Formation Circuits and Smart Reflexes
14/12/2011 Dr Ferran Galan - The contribution of afferents in inferring wrist movement direction from macroscopic brain activity
07/12/2011 Dr Claire Witham - Functional Role of Area 3a Corticomotoneuronal Cells
30/11/2011 Dr Thomas Kariuki - Biomedical research using African non–human primates at IPR Nairobi; opportunities and challenges for collaborative programs
09/11/2011 Dr Jason Connolly - A Novel Functional MRI-Based Population Receptive Field Approach
02/11/2011 Jonas Zimmermann - Macaque spinal cord stimulation to restore upper limb movements
Thomas Hall - Studying spike-triggered average LFPs during a brain-controlled task
19/10/2011 Harbaljit Sohal - Jiba(sinus)oidal electrode: NEPG conference talk 2011
12/10/2011 Jonathan Barnes - Efficacy of Standard Parameters for Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS)
05/10/2011 Prof Stuart Baker & Dr Karen Fisher - Neural systems for movement fractionation
28/09/2011 Prof Stuart Baker - Neural systems for movement fractionation
21/09/2011 Dr Claire Witham & Prof Stuart Baker - Outcome of the Chicago trip
20/07/2011 Jonathan Barnes - Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS): neural mechanisms and novel electrodiagnostic applications
01/07/2011 Harbaljit Sohal & Christopher Adams - A day in the life of a neuroengineer
15/06/2011 Gary Todd - An Introduction to the UK Haptics platform for multiple complex clinical simulations
01/06/2011 Dr Kianoush Nazarpour - Talking about 'Reversible large-scale modification of cortical networks during neuroprosthetic control' paper
04/05/2011 Lauren Dean - A tale of two Master's: neural control of grasping and stimulating the reticular formation
11/05/2011 Harbaljit Sohal - Astro-EX-cyte me: the implications of the glial reaction on chronic neural recordings
04/05/2011 Prof Bruno Preilowski - Second Thoughts On the Functions of the Corpus Callosum
27/04/2011 Dr Marian Michielsen - Mirror therapy for improving upper limb function in chronic stroke patients
13/04/2011 Amy David - Investigating feedback when learning to operate a myoelectric-controlled interface
Dr Tobias Pistohl - Inferring Reach and Grasp from Epicortical Signals
30/03/2011 Dr Camillo Porcaro - Brain Source Identification using Blind and semi-Blind source separation methods
23/03/2011 Xiang Yi - Design of a robotic TMS system
09/03/2011 Dr Thomas Hall - Designing components for CNC milling: the basics
23/02/2011 Dr Ferran Galan - Neural Circuits & Tremor. The Role of Pre-Synaptic Inhibition
16/02/2011 Terrence Mak & Bo Yu - Real Time Neural Signal Processing Using FPGA
02/02/2011 Dr Claire Witham - Spinocerebellar tract
05/01/2011 Dr Omar Ahmed - Rehabilitation of the paralysed face
19/01/2011 Dr Gavin Clowry - Specification of corticospinal motoneurones in early development of the human neocortex
05/01/2011 Dr Kianoush Nazarpour - Talking about 'Cortical preparatory activity: Representation of movement or first cog in a dynamical machine?' paper
22/12/2010 Wei Xu - A precise timing signal to the cerebellum
08/12/2010 Prof Rajesh N Kalaria - A Model of Brain Hypoperfusion in Baboons at the Institute of Primate Research in Kenya
01/12/2010 Dr Kianoush Nazarpour - Imaging and Optimization Techniques for Co-adaptive Myoelectric Prosthetics
03/11/2010 SfN feedbacks
03/11/2010 SfN presentations
20/10/2010 Dr Boubker Zaaimi - Proprioception
06/10/2010 Dr Ferran Galan - Ferran's journey to IoN
29/09/2010 Matthew Bolland - The use of Muscle Fibre Conduction Velocity to investigate fatigue in mitochondrial disease
15/09/2010 Anand Ramesh - Ipsilateral motor evoked potentials
08/09/2010 Dr Claire Witham - How to model the cuneate nucleus
11/08/2010 Dr Laura Graham - Rehabilitation Research at Walkergate Park
04/08/2010 Dr Andy Jackson - Unsupervised motor learning, or: What is your supervisor actually good for?
14/07/2010 Prof Lynn Rochester - Gait in older adults: Mechanisms, measurement and intervention
07/07/2010 Dr Ian Schofield - Magnetic imaging of motor units
23/06/2010 Claire Schofield - Optimal strategies in controlling a neuromotor interface
16/06/2010 Ian O'Sullivan - Optimal control of a bimanual force task
26/05/2010 Dr Mark Baker - POTtering, tOTtering and falling in the elderly
19/05/2010 Jonas Zimmermann - BCI meeting practice talk
12/05/2010 Dr Kianoush Nazarpour - Flexible cortical control of task-specific muscle synergies
05/05/2010 Dr Demetris Soteropoulos - Ipsilateral Corticospinal Contributions
28/04/2010 Dr Claire Witham - How to use the Cluster?
21/04/2010 Jonas Zimmermann & Dr Andrew Jackson - Plans for testing a corticospinal neuroprosthesis