Prof Stuart Baker

Professor of Movement Neuroscience

Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 8206

Research Interests

  • The neural control of movement
  • Oscillations and the role of synchronous neural activity in information processing
  • Tremor
  • The contribution of the reticulospinal tract to movement and recovery from lesion
  • Plastic modulation of the motor nervous system
  • Bimanual control
  • Neurotechnology


  • Senior fellowship, The Wellcome Trust. "Neural circuits for oscillatory sensorimotor processing"
  • Project grant, BBSRC. "Cortical and sub-cortical contributions to bimanual coordination"
  • Project grant, MRC. "Reticulospinal function in health and recovery from lesion."
  • Milstein award, MRC. "Reprogramming the nervous system through a wearable neurostimulation device"
  • Network grant, EPSRC. "Spike train analysis network"
  • Cross disciplinary feasability account, EPSRC. "NanoLab"

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