Development of Novel EMG Telemetry System

Many experiments in our laboratory and elsewhere require the transmission of signals from chronically implanted sensors to external recording equipment. This is usually achieved by transcutaneous wires. Although simple, this has the disadvantage that it causes a permanent breach of the skin's natural barrier to infection. Bacterial infection is therefore a common complication of such implants.

We have been developing a high-specification telemetry system to overcome these problems. The completed system can record 16 channels of EMG with a 5kHz sampling rate and 12 bit precision, and transmit this wirelessly from inside the body to an external receiver. Power is delivered wirelessly to the implant, avoiding the need for a battery.

Views of the encapsulated system prior to implantation.

Example recording of EMG from the extensor digitorum communis muscle in a macaque monkey, made using the novel device.

This project is carried out in collaboration with electronics engineers in the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (SEECE) with assistance from the Implantable Devices Group, University College London.

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