Dr Demetris Soteropoulos

Lecturer in Motor Systems Neuroscience

Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 6914

Research Interests

I am interested in several different aspects of sensorimotor control but some of my more detailed interests include:

  • Bilateral organisation in the motor system
  • Organisation of spinal circuits for voluntary movements
  • Differential contributions of descending systems to motor control
  • The role of the corpus callosum during movement and motor learning
  • Mechanisms of action of stimulation paradigms (such as TMS, electrical stimulation) in the motor system

Please see my website for some more details of previous work

We are always looking for individuals with an interest in neuroscience either as PhD students or as PostDoctoral Fellows so if you are interested please send me an

Lab Techniques


  • Project Grant, BBSRC. "Contribution of Spinal Commissural Circuits to Bimanual Co-ordination" (PI)
  • Project Grant, NC3Rs. "Improving biological integration of osseous and dermal tissues in macaque cranial implants" (co-PI)
  • New Investigator Research Grant, MRC. "Bilateral organisation in the spinal cord" (PI)
  • Project grant, BBSRC. "Cortical and sub-cortical contributions to bimanual coordination" (co-I)


  • David Maxwell (Glasgow, UK),
  • Gavin Clowry (Newcastle, UK),
  • Monica Perez (Pittsburgh, USA),
  • Stuart Baker (Newcastle, UK),
  • Steve Edgley (Cambridge, UK),
  • Boubker Zaaimi (Newcastle, UK),